Improving your team via messaging.


Embrace the new benchmark in contemporary software development. Streamline problem-solving, development cycles, and product roadmap.

Framer caters to focused individuals who value messaging.

Messaging is our passion for collaborating, but we dislike chaos and being overwhelmed. We believe there's a better option.

Sifting through thousands of messages daily left us exhausted. So we developed a chat platform that exceeds our in-person communication. Framer embodies intentional chatting.

Enjoy messaging, one conversation at a time.

Threads ensure conversations that are easy to find and well-organized. Through Structured Channels, each discussion is initiated as an independent thread, enabling you to concentrate on specific topics.

Revitalize old ideas by injecting a fresh message into a previous conversation. With your messaging history readily available through a seamless scroll, everyone can start on the same page.

Activity feed

Keep abreast of your most important discussions through the Activity Feed.

The Activity Feed prioritizes your essential conversations and allows you to snooze, archive, or return to them at any time. It always keeps your conversations easily accessible.

Less distractions

Your phone should only interrupt you for crucial matters.

At Framer, we believe in limiting phone notifications to only alert you for crucial or time-sensitive messages. Our aim is to minimize interruptions and help you maintain focus.

Our conversations are tailored for people, not bots.

Divide conversations that stray from the main topic, or relocate them to a more fitting location. Framer is designed to promote better expression of thoughts.

Teams are more
than just work

Social Channels are ideal for unstructured chats. You can consolidate messages you've already sent into their own thread.

Framer's Social Channels are perfect when you want to share photos from your weekend hike or talk about a book you're reading. These channels allow you to participate in discussions without adhering to thread regulations.

You can switch your channels from social to structured and back again whenever you like. Adjust your level of structure as your needs evolve.

Backdated threads


You can create a thread from any group of messages. It's typical to come across a situation where someone says something that should have its thread.

Direct replies


Quickly exchange messages with others by replying directly to a message. It's perfect for brief back-and-forth communication.

Pinned messages

Ensure that important messages are visible to everyone. Pin any message to the top of the conversation, where it will remain visible.

Divide + relocate

Divide threads and relocate messages to a more suitable channel. If there is a more appropriate location, move it there.

Go international

Elevate your messaging game. Connect lets your platform support sellers in any of the countries where Framer is available.

International seller verification

Paying sellers involves observing different laws in each country. Share simple details about your recipients and we’ll help them get paid.

Optimized for everywhere

Behind a unified API, Framer uses local currencies and local identity verification to help you deliver the best product — everywhere.

Animations that work like magic.

Complete documentation of the Framer Motion animation library. A production-ready motion library for React.

Bring your website to life without code.

import { motion } from "framer-motion"

export const MyComponent = ({ isVisible }) => (
    {isVisible && (
        initial={{ opacity: 0 }}
        animate={{ opacity: 1 }}
        exit={{ opacity: 0 }}

Design & Layout

Design your site on a familiar free-form canvas. Visually set up your breakpoints to make it responsive.


Visually structure your pages and link to them with a few clicks. Every link will be automatically updated when page names change.


Add effects with a few clicks and capture your audience’s attention when they land on your website.


Everything you need to manage content for your blog posts, job listings, and marketing pages.

Big launch.
Small team.

With Framer, you get a complete set of tools to design, ship, host, and maintain stunning websites for your clients. Take on any project confidently, knowing you can deliver high-quality work quickly.

Centralize everything

Whether it is a landing page or a big website, go from idea to shipped site within one tool. Map out thoughts, convert them into designs, add copy, press publish and you’re set.

Networked conversations

Conversations in Framer are meant to be shared and remixed. Instead of repeating an idea — link it.

Collaborate with anyone

Get your entire team on the canvas to work together and chat in real time.

No stress with a CMS

Create blogs, articles, knowledge bases, or any content your site might need. Use custom fields to structure your content and display it across pages and meta descriptions.

The wall of love

Our community is a constant source of inspiration for us. Discover why Framer is loved by so many through firsthand experiences.

  • This SaaS product has completely transformed the way I do business - thank you!

    Huseyin Emanet


  • I couldn't imagine running my company without this incredible SaaS solution.

    Isabella Flores


  • The user-friendly interface and powerful features of this SaaS tool make it a game-changer.

    Ethan Miller


  • I'm blown away by the level of automation this SaaS product provides - it's a real time-saver!

    Olivia Brown


  • As a marketer, I've tried countless SaaS tools, and this one is hands-down the best.

    Michael Davis


  • The customer support team for this SaaS product is top-notch - they always go above and beyond.

    Sophia Lee


  • I've been using this SaaS tool for years and it just keeps getting better and better.

    Emily Johnson


  • I was hesitant to switch to a new SaaS solution, but I'm so glad I did - this one is incredible.

    Ava Anderson


  • The analytics and insights I get from this SaaS product have completely changed the way I approach my work.

    Benjamin Wilson


  • This SaaS product is the secret weapon behind our company's success.

    Mia Hernandez


  • I've recommended this SaaS tool to all of my colleagues - it's that good.

    Samuel Garcia


  • The customizable features of this SaaS product make it the perfect fit for our unique business needs.

    Charlotte Martinez


  • I can't imagine running my startup without this invaluable SaaS solution.

    James Thompson


  • This SaaS product has revolutionized the way we collaborate and communicate as a team.

    William Taylor


  • The integration capabilities of this SaaS tool have saved us so much time and headaches.

    Huseyin Emanet


Measurable results

Powering the world's best product teams.
From next-gen startups to established enterprises.

Our teams are based in dozens of global offices and we process hundreds of billions of dollars each year for every size of business — from startups to Fortune 500s.


Tutorials, videos, and articles to get started with Framer. In case you missed anything.

What is Framer?

Framer is an interactive design tool for websites and prototyping.

How to add icons?

How to add a carousel?

How to add inputs and forms?

How to draw a line?

How to create a download button?

How to add an iframe or embed script?

How to hide the navigation on mobile?

How to make my component responsive?

How to make my site responsive?


Utilize the Framer for free with your entire team. Upgrade to access unrestricted issues, improved security controls, and extra functionalities.


Free forever


Perfect for texting with friends & groups and it's always free.

Unlimited Messaging

Accept payments for digital or physical goods.

Cross-team DMs

Collect your customers’ payment details for later use.

SMS + Email Messaging

Use Stripe Billing to set up recurring payments and free trials. Your customers can update their payment information through our prebuilt customer portal.

Video Chat

Use Stripe Billing to set up usage-based or tiered subscriptions.


Use Stripe Connect to onboard sellers, route payments, and manage your platform and marketplace payments.

10K Message History

Let your customers choose how much to pay

5 Integrations

Generate an invoice to provide proof of transaction for your customers after a purchase.

5GB storage per user

Capture the growing buying power of Chinese consumers by offering Alipay—one of China’s most popular digital wallets, with over one billion users.


$15 / user / month


Suitable for teams, startups, and companies in their early stages.

Unlimited Messaging

Minimize your PCI burden—Checkout lets you qualify for the simplest form of PCI validation, a prefilled SAQ A.

Cross-team DMs

Send automatic email receipts after a successful payment or refund.

SMS + Email Messaging

Generate coupons to provide customers with promotions and discounts with built-in validation logic.

Video Chat

Collect your customers’ billing or shipping addresses, powered by our address autocomplete for easier input.


Use Stripe Tax to automate tax calculation and collection or define applicable tax rates via the API

Unlimited Integrations

Offer a localized checkout page in over 25 languages.

20GB storage per user

Use machine learning to block fraudulent transactions and apply extra authentication to high-risk payments or when required by regulation.

Priority Support

Protect your business from card testing without impacting conversion by triggering CAPTCHA in case of an attack.

Retention Policies

Let your customers adjust item quantities directly on the checkout page.


For freelancers


For enterprises with advanced needs and requirements.

Unlimited Messaging

Highlight your return policies, support contact information, or links to terms of service on the checkout page to increase buyer confidence.

Cross-team DMs

Use Stripe Climate to direct a fraction of your revenue to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

SMS + Email Messaging

Enable Chargeback Protection on your account to let us take on fraudulent disputes for you.

Video Chat

Collect customer phone numbers for shipping or invoicing.


Let your customers choose the shipping rate that works for them

Unlimited Integrations

Let your customers manage their payment details and subscriptions by sharing a link to a secure, prebuilt customer portal.

1TB storage per user

Let your customers use payment details stored in their browser to breeze through the checkout.

Priority Support +

Use the first digits of your customers’ cards to validate the card brand and increase their confidence.

Retention Policies

Link autofills your customers’ payment and shipping details to create an easy and secure checkout experience, increasing conversion rates by over 7%.


Let customers choose a longer subscription at checkout.

Start your
Framer journey

Whether you’re new to Framer, or back to see what’s new, we’ll have you set up and ready to do your best work in minutes.

Start your
Framer journey

Whether you’re new to Framer, or back to see what’s new, we’ll have you set up and ready to do your best work in minutes.

Start your
Framer journey

Whether you’re new to Framer, or back to see what’s new, we’ll have you set up and ready to do your best work in minutes.